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Understanding where you are is the best way to start a journey

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The average cost of a successful security attack to a German midsize company is 4.25 million Euros


of security and risk leaders in companies say their organizations need to do more to manage cyber risk


of security leaders say they cannot get the right data to properly asses their own cyber risk

Source: IBM, Forbes, Forrester Research

Planning a journey and preparing for challenges is always less costly than just starting without understanding where you stand and where you want to go.

Rheintec offers a comprehensive suite of IT security services, including audits to assess resilience, strategic consulting for tailored solutions, and architecture services for fortified digital landscapes, ensuring proactive defense against cyber threats and safeguarding the integrity of your digital assets.

IT Security Audits, Consulting & Architecture

Our independent expertise and rigorous audits give you the confidence to make critical decisions or gain a snapshot of your company’s current IT security state, including its compliance with internationally recognized standards and local legal requirements. We also help you plan your future-proof IT security architecture to the highest standards.

We empower you to analyze, understand, and strategically plan your company's IT security journey. From data interpretation to crafting a comprehensive security strategy, we guide you towards a structured and effective approach, ensuring your digital landscape is organized and secure.

IT Security Audits

In IT-security audits, our specialists conduct independent audits and review your network architecture to assess your company’s IT resilience. We comprehensively evaluate your digital infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and offer insights to enhance overall security. Decision-making risks are significant, and Rheintec empowers you with strategic guidance in SASE, network infrastructure, cloud, email security, and endpoint security. Our expert team provides practical advice to advance your business and enhance organizational excellence.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Audits help identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats in your organization's IT infrastructure. This includes assessing networks, systems, current security measures and data for potential risks.

Risk Management

Through a Rheintec audit, your company can evaluate the level of risk associated with your IT systems. This enables informed decision-making and the development of strategies to mitigate identified risks.

Compliance Requirements & Governmental Regulations

Numerous industries are subject to specific regulations and internationally recognized standards concerning data security. Rheintec's IT security audits clarify your situation, identifying gaps and necessary steps to comply with regulations such as the NIS2 EU regulation. Our experts assess your existing IT ecosystem to pinpoint areas for improvement in anticipation of planned certifications like ISO 27001, leveraging frameworks such as the NIST CSF to strengthen your cybersecurity environment.

Protecting Sensitive Information

Audits from Rheintec help protect your sensitive information, such as customer data, intellectual property, and financial records, by ensuring that robust security measures are in place.

Continuous Improvement

Regular audits promote a culture of continuous improvement. They allow your organization to learn from past incidents, adapt security measures to evolving threats, and enhance overall cybersecurity resilience.

Cyber Threat Preparedness

Audits help your company to stay prepared for emerging cyber threats. By evaluating the effectiveness of existing security measures, your organization can make adjustments to address new and evolving threats.

Building Trust

Demonstrating a commitment to regular security audits builds trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders. It demonstrates that your organization takes data security seriously and is proactive in safeguarding information.

Incident Response Planning

Audits contribute to incident response planning. By understanding potential weaknesses in advance, your company can develop effective response plans to mitigate the impact of security incidents.

Optimizing Security Investments

Rheintec audits assist in optimizing your security investments by identifying areas where resources can be allocated more effectively. This ensures that your business get the best possible return on your cybersecurity investments.

Trainings and processes

Regular trainings play a vital role in educating employees to better understand security threats and respond effectively. These trainings empower your team to recognize potential risks and take appropriate actions, enhancing your overall cybersecurity resilience. Additionally, well-defined processes, such as policies for device management and access control, are crucial for maintaining a secure IT environment. Rheintec offers comprehensive assistance in designing tailored trainings and robust IT security process frameworks to ensure your organization is equipped to mitigate threats and uphold best practices.

IT Security Consulting

In IT security consulting, our specialists leverage their expertise to guide your company through the intricacies of SASE, network infrastructure, cloud, email security, and endpoint security. We offer strategic advice to mitigate decision-making risks, providing practical insights for advancing your business and achieving organizational excellence.

Expert Guidance

Our IT security consultants bring specialized knowledge and experience to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity. They provide expert guidance on the latest threats, technologies, and best practices to your company.

Independent Verification

Rheintec’s IT security consultants provide an independent and unbiased perspective on your company's security posture. Having an external, expert opinion adds credibility to the security measures in place and ensures a fresh evaluation of potential risks and vulnerabilities. This independent verification is valuable for validating internal assessments and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the security landscape in your organization.

IT Security Architecture

Securing your information is the real deal. Introducing our IT Security Architecture – a comprehensive strategy for fortifying your digital landscape. Think of it as the master plan for your digital fortress. If you like, we also take care of implementing, and managing a tailored security framework within Your organization. It's your shield against cyber threats, ensuring safety and resilience. Invest for a secure present and a fortified future against evolving cyber threats.

Secure by Design

Rheintec's Secure by Design approach integrates security into every aspect of your digital landscape, ensuring proactive protection. Our IT Security Architecture offers a comprehensive strategy to safeguard your digital assets. From network infrastructure to endpoint security, we fortify every layer of your IT ecosystem, providing robust defenses against cyber threats.

Holistic Protection

IT Security Architecture by Rheintec provides a comprehensive strategy to safeguard your organization's digital assets. It ensures a holistic approach to protection, covering various aspects of your digital infrastructure.

Customized Defense

The service involves crafting and implementing a tailored security framework based on your unique needs. This customization ensures that the defense system aligns precisely with your organizational requirements.

Proactive Defense System

IT Security Architecture acts as a proactive defense system, continuously monitoring and mitigating potential threats before they can pose a risk to your digital assets.

Resilience and Safety

The strategy is designed to ensure the safety and resilience of your digital assets. This involves creating layers of defense mechanisms to withstand and recover from potential security incidents.

Highest Standards of Security

Investing in IT Security Architecture reflects a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security. It goes beyond meeting basic requirements, aiming for excellence in safeguarding your information.

Future-Proofing Against Cyber Threats

By fortifying your digital landscape with IT Security Architecture, you are investing in future-proofing. The service adapts to the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, providing sustained protection.

Strategic Risk Mitigation

The architecture allows for strategic risk mitigation by identifying potential vulnerabilities and implementing measures to address them. This proactive approach minimizes the likelihood and impact of security incidents.

Confidence in Decision-Making

Organizations can have confidence in their decision-making processes, knowing that their IT Security Architecture is a robust and tailored defense system, offering a sense of security and reliability.

Adherence to Evolving Security Standards

As security standards evolve, IT Security Architecture ensures adherence to these changes. This adaptability ensures that your organization stays in compliance with the latest security requirements and regulations.

We are specifically experienced in advising senior decision-makers with practical advice on how to improve their IT security and efficiency.

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