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In today’s connected world, every company faces the threat of digital attacks that can steal, modify or destroy sensitive data, disrupt operations and damage reputations. The fast-evolving nature of these threats requires a robust and proactive defense. A reliable and trustworthy solution provider for digital protection is vital for ensuring careful, future-proof planning, ongoing protection, cutting-edge technologies, continuous monitoring and rapid response to mitigate risks and safeguard your business against the ever-growing array of digital threats, including IoT security challenges and the need for identity management in IT.

Protecting your business from these threats is our mission and our business. Here is what we do to keep your business safe at all times:

At Rheintec, your security comes first. Always. We relentlessly follow the “Secure by design” approach, ensuring that robust security features are embedded into the core architecture of our solutions and our processes from the start – not as an afterthought. We build a secure foundation, minimize vulnerabilities, and ensure that IT protection is an integral part of the digital infrastructure. This not only safeguards your ecosystem against potential threats but also promotes long-term resilience and ransomware defense.

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In the digital world, security is not just a feature. It’s the basis for your business to proceed. Rheintec safeguards your business with Swiss cyber security expertise.

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Managed Security Services

Always-on-Security for Your Business

Rheintec's Managed Security Services offer an A-Z solution, fortifying and defending the most precious components of your company – customer data, intellectual property, research, financial information, and all things key and proprietary to your business. Our comprehensive approach covers the entire security lifecycle, from designing a customized security infrastructure to integrating suitable solutions, continuous monitoring for potential threats, and providing swift support for security incidents.

By choosing MSS from Rheintec, your company strengthens its digital resilience, providing peace of mind as our experts vigilantly manage and protect your data, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: Your business.

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IT Security Audits, Consulting & Architecture

Independent Expertise and Rigorous Audits Provide Confidence for Strategic Decision-Making
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IT Security Engineering

Empowering Tomorrow’s Defenses by Engineering and Implementing Your Security Fortification with Precision.
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IT Security Support, Maintenance & Support

Uninterrupted Protection and Monitoring
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In today’s digital era, robust IT security is non-negotiable. It’s the foundation of every company’s resilience and long-term success.

Linus Espach, CEO, Rheintec

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